History Continues…

Whitey Carlson Himself

made in MinnesotaBack in 2007, after Whitey’s passing, J.T. purchased Carlson Leather from Whitey  Carlson’s sister. Carlson Leather had been a long-standing  and well-loved institution in the Ely area and around the globe, and we are always thrilled  to take our bags back for the Blueberry Festival. There we receive  many warm stories of Whitey from his friends and customers

This year, we will be able to take yet another iconic piece of Minnesota history with us to the Blueberry Festival.  The Original Dome Bag!

Our Original Dome Shell Bag

After the dome went down a smart group of entrepreneurs bought all the fabric from the dome.    Recently we were contacted by this group and  to produce Domer Bags.  (thanks to Melody for her courageous and open ability to talk to perfect strangers) We are currently in production of this line.   These bags will be found in select stores in the Twin Cities area.  This new product is the same high quality of our own Lost Creek patterns and will be of the same high quality you have come to expect from us, with the addition of the nearly indestructible Teflon coated fiberglass of the dome roof itself.

Our Original Dome Overnighter

Our Original Dome Overnighter

Please stay posted for a listing of the stores you will be able to buy them from, (including the Blueberry Festival) ,and when they will be available!

History is important and we are happy to help continue our great Minnesota traditions! We believe that a piece of history is a piece of our heart!

Big Island Big Island

eastonLast weekend we attended the Albert Lea Historical Faire.  This low key event is boomeralways a highlight of our long winter.  Two days of seeing old friends, doing a little horse trading, and just having a great time.  This weekend always causes me to hurry summer!pard

Marta I wish I had a picture of you!  Such fun I had chatting with you.

We had a wonderful time!

tilly and kate

Hush, You Puppy!

420px-Cattle-TrailsChuck wagon food came in many guises, some good, some really really good, and some just horrid.

Far be it for the cowboy to complain about the food that got put on his tin platter.  No grumpy cookie wanted to hear complaints after he has just spent a long day on the trail, driving, setting up camp, tending wounds, herding cowpokes and cooking vittles.

A smart cow wrangler ate what he got, smiled, and asked for more!!

(and in appreciation of Cassandra Swanson…Rattlesnake Roast should be on this list!)

Chuck wagon monikers


Summer dreaming and thinking ahead

samsung 305 samsung 352 samsung 124 samsung 299 samsung 305 samsung 306 samsung 316 samsung 319 samsung 320 samsung 337 samsung 341samsung 299samsung 320samsung 359We had a great summer, here are some highlights of the Albert Lea Rendezvous.







I complained bitterly of the cold that first week in October.  Oh if only it were so warm now!

Our fun was outstanding

Our friends Supreme

Our food


oh so wonderful




Looking Forward to next years



Events are us!

Today in 1890

Wounded Knee For SaleToday in history the last major conflict of the Indian wars took place at Wounded Knee Creek in South Dakota after Colonel James W. Forsyth of the 7th Cavalry  disarms Chief Big Foot and his followers.

Some 300 Sioux Indians are killed by U.S. troops at the Wounded Knee massacre.

This is a sad and horrendous piece of the history of the United States.  It is our hope that going froward our history can show more bright spots than dark.